1. Stack to the ceiling: 

The best way to fit all your belongings is to utilize vertical space. Stack your boxes on top of each other until they reach the ceiling. If your worried about putting too much weight on bottom boxes, consider using a shelving unit – you’ll still take advantage of all that vertical space, but you’ll be putting less pressure on your boxes.

2. Use wooden pallets: 

Using wooden pallets to raise your items off the concrete floor helps keep air flowing throughout the storage unit. This is a great way to avoid moisture buildup that items sitting directly on the floor can experience.

3. Use dryer sheets: 

That’s right!  Spiders, moths, and mice/rats can all find their way into units and wreak havoc on your stuff. One way to repel them is by using dryer sheets. Place them in the corners of your unit and inside boxes. The smell will keep unwanted critters away while leaving your belongings smelling fresh and flowery. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one and done kind of trick. It’s recommended to replace the sheets once a month. 

4.  Invest in plastic containers: 

For items that are highly sensitive to moisture like clothes, photos, books, and more, cardboard boxes might not be the best storage solution since cardboard can absorb moisture over time. Airtight plastic containers will keep moisture out and provide you with a lasting storage solution for practically any use.

5. Dismantle furniture to save space: 

For instance, to store a table, you can remove the legs. Just be sure that all bolts and screws are kept in a labeled container or taped to the underside of the table.

6. Utilize Shelves & Storage Furniture: 

Storing shelves, a dresser, or other items used for storage at home? Put those items to work to help maximize the space in your storage unit! Don’t let hollow space go to waste!

7. Store smart: 

Store mirrors and frames standing on end, never flat.

8. Maintain accessibility: 

Stack boxes in such as way that each box can be easily accessed. Don’t store stacks and stacks of boxes together. Make an aisle that will allow you to access a box without having to move anything out of the way.

9. Keep important things front and center: 

Place the boxes with the things that you’ll most frequently need at the front part of a storage unit.

10. Never abandon your storage unit: 

The biggest mistake you can make when storing items long-term is to put them into storage to never check up on them until it’s time to move out. If there is a problem with your items, it is important that it is addressed immediately. Checking up on your storage unit will make you aware of a problem as soon as it occurs.