Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to rent a Bully Box?

Renting a Bully Box starts at $160.00 per month.  There is a minimum rental of 1 month with no maximum.  You can rent a Bully Box for as long as you need it!

Is there a delivery fee?

The delivery fee is $150.00 for the first 10 miles from our Washington facility.  Mileage beyond the included 10 miles will be billed at $4.00 per mile.  If you choose to leave the unit at our Washington facility and not have it delivered, this fee will be waived.  Additional fees apply if you need your unit moved at any time between the original drop off or when you are ready for final pick up.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes.  The security deposit is equal to one month's rent and due upon rental.  This deposit is refundable as long as the unit is clean and free of any damage.

I'm not moving.  Can I still rent a Bully Box?

Of course!  There are so many convenient uses for these units, including:
  • Renovations
  • Selling and staging your home
  • Freeing up garage space
  • Businesses
  • Construction

What if my items become damaged?

This is an unlikely event, however we do recommend you contact your insurance provider, at the time of rental, to ensure that off-site storage is covered within your policy.  It is the tenants responsibility to pack the unit so items are secure during the relocation process.  There are multiple tie down hooks within the interior of each unit.  PBNJ Self Storage is not responsible for items not being secured properly.

Do I need to be present when my unit is delivered?

For your own safety and the protection of your belongings, we do prefer that someone is present at the time of delivery.  If you aren't able to be there, we completely understand and will work with you to place the unit in the best possible spot.

Do I need a lock?

Yes.  PBNJ Self Storage does not provide the locks.  By the tenant providing their own lock, this is an added layer of protection ensuring that only the tenant has access to the unit and the belongings that are inside - whether you are keeping your unit at your property or storing it at our facility.

Can I choose to not have the unit delivered and use it simply as a self-storage unit?

Absolutely!  Delivery is optional, but the cost is low and the convenience of having it at your home is priceless!